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DesignStax is a multidisciplinary firm specialising in architectural, interiors, landscaping and project management services. We have over a dozen projects in Chennai, Bengaluru, Coimbatore, Noida and New Delhi.

The firm is lead by Sofiya Sabreen, the Principal Architect who has been working both in India and the USA. Having completed her Masters in Architecture from the USA, she brings with her a global expertise in architecture and kindred fields. The firm is co-lead by Jeevitha Sriram, an entrepreneur for a successful Data Driven Digital Marketing company, who brings expertise in operations and human resource management. Prasath Venkatraman, a serial technical entrepreneur, brings along a decade of expertise in investment and business strategy.

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Our Team


Sofiya Sabreen | M.Arch (USA)

Principal Architect

Jeevitha Sriram

Chief Operations Officer

Prasath Venkatraman

Investor | Strategic Planning Advisor